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NOT YOU believes art is made by the viewer's interpretation. That each piece of art contains potential infinite meanings.



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Back Up In Your Ass With The Resurrection

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Rock Me Dr. Zeus


Rock Me Dr. Zeus

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Carpets by Alexandra Kehayoglou

These carpets are made from wool, often from the leftovers of the production of other products in the factory, carrying a strong message of sustainability.

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GZA & Neil deGrasse Tyson Talk Astrophysics and Hip-Hop

Over the last few years, world renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and GZA have become BFF’s thanks to a shared love of science.  Tyson and GZA have spoken in interviews before, but this interview from NdGT’s Star Talk show is the first one I’ve seen on video.  Throughout this lengthy 34 minute clip, GZA demonstrates how science, specifically astrophysics, has informed not only his own music but that of other members of the Wu-Tang Clan. 

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